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Herb Lester Associates

Traveller's Playing Cards

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Our deck is suitable for any of the traditional uses – games, tricks, a solo round of patience – but each of the 54 cards (four complete suits and two jokers) also doubles as your own personal translator, with a commonly used phrase along with its French and Spanish equivalent. These playing cards evoke an earlier, less stressful era of travel but uses phrases handy for the 21st century traveller: Where can I charge my phone? Do you have wifi? Where’s the nearest ATM? Do you mind if I take a photo?
Made in United Kingdom


About the company:

We started Herb Lester in 2010, making simple folded guides to the cities we love. We still publish these guides, and have gone on to expand our range, publishing books and a selection of products: notepads from fictional hotels; mini menu translators; playing cards with useful for phrases for travellers; tear-resistant luggage tags.